A Piano’s Legacy

What an impressive find.

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood,

For sixty-one long years.

Idle and untouched, but respected.


When he first brought you home

He would play you daily after work.

The family sings along,

Favorite hymns, carols, Broadway songs.


Lost in the moment now,

Your exuberance reverberates

Through the home’s every room,

And into every heart who lives here.


Even as he grew old,

His boy would keep you in his own home.

You became a symbol.

Revered, preserved, like his memory.


The boy shielded you,

From grubby hands and rambunctious paws.

But you were seldom played.

Your glorious sounds encased in wood.


As he grew old, himself,

The silence of your keys shook his soul,

Like part of his father

Slipped away with every song unsung.


It was finally time.

His own son helped him list you online.

And he prayed for someone

Who would give you the home he couldn’t.


My fingers on your keys,

Played the only song I’ve memorized,

An Irish tune I know,

My mom taught me in my early youth.


I can play sheet music,

Though, shamefully, I seldom practice.

But it relaxes me,

And I long for music in my home.


My wife and I can see,

In our mind’s eye, our little children,

Listening as Dad plays,

And they grow with mem’ries of his song.


American songbook,

New-age piano, sci-fi soundtracks,

Epic fantasy tunes.

And hymns that speak of eternal truths.


Hauling you was a chore.

Sweat-drenched men struggled to move your frame.

But pliability,

Was not your design, nor your nature.


Your spirit is steadfast,

And all your gifts to men, enduring.

As I press down your keys,

You vibrate joy throughout our home, our hearts.


We will never forget,

The sound and feeling of your power,

You are an instrument,

That translates lyrics to emotions.


Out of tune, keys yellowed,

Played by a man whose errors abound.

But the imperfections,

Matter not.  We will tune each other.


We are both instruments,

In the hands of a much greater Force,

Who breathed life into us,

And the means to leave a Legacy.


You could live forever.

But, believing Doctrine, so could we.

And in the key of Pow’r,

We can speak Doctrine in every tongue.


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