The Monumentum Series

Coming soon!

The Monumentum Logo_edited-2

Book 1:

14-year-old Spero Copia’s world is falling apart.  After a harrowing escape from the oppressive Verderians on the continent Destin, the Azurian people have prospered for two hundred years in safety and seclusion in the Sanctum, a massive cave system under the continent Alacrita.  Now, in the midst of  violence and riots, Spero’s revered father suddenly goes missing.  As the perpetrators of chaotic political insurrection gain more ground, Spero discovers an even larger conspiracy among his family and friends.  A secret plan to defeat the Verderians turns into a global plan to save all that Azurians hold dear.  However, unless Spero and his friends act, their downfall might come from the enemy within.  Dive into the complexity of Azurian spirituality, political subterfuge, treason, and betrayal in this first book of the Monumentum Series.


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