The Monumentum Series

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Book 1:
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14-year-old Spero Copia’s world is falling apart.  After a harrowing escape from the oppressive Verderians on the continent Destin, the Azurian people have prospered for two hundred years in safety and seclusion in the Sanctum, a massive cave system under the continent Alacrita.  Now, in the midst of  violence and riots, Spero’s revered father suddenly goes missing.  As the perpetrators of chaotic political insurrection gain more ground, Spero discovers an even larger conspiracy among his family and friends.  A secret plan to defeat the Verderians turns into a global plan to save all that Azurians hold dear.  However, unless Spero and his friends act, their downfall might come from the enemy within.  Dive into the complexity of Azurian spirituality, political subterfuge, treason, and betrayal in this first book of the Monumentum Series.


Book 2: (coming soon!)

The planet Petra’s technologically advanced, secretive sanctuary-society, the Sanctum, is facing civil unrest, a political coup, and total governmental collapse.  Spero Copia’s mother, Cantia, and her allies launch a last-ditch effort to save their nation and prevent the annihilation of their people.  But a few of the Sanctum’s youngest residents are far away from the chaos.  14-year-old Spero and his friends embark on a perilous journey to warn Spero’s father, Altus, of a Verderian plot to invade the Sanctum and exterminate the Azurians who reside there.  By the time they arrive, Spero’s father might not be there at all.  The well-respected surgeon and leader must leave his own Resistance sanctuary on a dangerous mission into Verderian territory, from which his return is uncertain.  Will the faith of the Copia family and their allies be enough to carry them through, or will Petra fall to ruin as the war between the Azurians and Verderians escalates to mutual destruction? The second installment of the Monumentum Series chronicles the heart-pounding, action-packed spiritual and temporal warfare of this distant world.


Book 3: (coming soon!):

The destruction of the Sanctum seems all but inevitable.  As the most technologically advanced society on the planet Petra is brought to its knees by insurrection and treason, their age-old enemy, the Verderian government of Destin, is at the gates, ready to deliver a final death blow.  Altus Copia, revered surgeon and a Resistance leader against the Verderian government, had a plan to prevent the annihilation of the Azurian people.  But after risking everything to leave the Sanctum and carry out that dangerous work, he encounters a seemingly insurmountable challenge when the planet’s portal network collapses.  Meanwhile, fourteen-year-old Spero Copia and his friends have gone on a quest to warn Altus, but fall into the hands of a brutal group of Azurians led by a madman.  As the characters persevere in their efforts to end the thousand year war, they inadvertently unlock ancient secrets of Azurian and Verderian abilities.  With powers beyond imagination, will Spero be among the Azurians who gain the upper hand over the genocidal armies?  Enter the exciting world of Petra for the final installment of the Monumentum Series.



The Planet Petra

Map of Petra


Narratus Language




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