“What happened to Keeley?!  It’s gone!”  Yes, folks, the story is no longer available on my blog.  But it’s because I have very exciting news. Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback, I decided to publish Keeley as a novella.  I have already received one publication offer, but I haven’t decided yet if it will be self-published or will […]

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The Physician’s Restoration

A short, fictional story about a personal and national tragedy, normalcy bias, and how to overcome insurmountable obstacles. *** The morning sun’s orange rays hit the glistening buildings of the corporate park adjacent to Dr. Daniel Addler’s family practice.  As his piano black luxury sedan pulled into the parking lot, he felt his chest swell […]

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Ideas for Healthcare Reform

Healthcare is one of the only industries where the product is considered a “right” by some.  Unfortunately, this creates some problems for the delivery of that product, because as soon as one considers it a “right,” it is necessary to force someone to provide it, which removes liberty (which is definitely a right).  Rights are […]

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Dear Future Wife

Over the past few years, I’ve seen some awesome couples’ interactions on Facebook and think, “I want that to be my future wife and me some day.” For instance, the wife who left this note for her husband:    Or wives who surprise their husbands with a new Star Trek action figure, just because.  Things like […]

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