The Musings of a Modern-Day Renaissance Man

M.K. Gilmour is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a physician, author, and engineer.  As a child, he learned about the “Renaissance Men” of history and decided he wanted to become one.  He is the author of two science fiction novel series: The Monumentum Series and The Not-So-Distant Future Series, a children’s book series, Foundations For the Future, the stand-alone novel The Author, and the novella Keeley. He enjoys rock climbing, piano, and sharing his thoughts through his blog.  His passions are his faith, his family, and his country.



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  1. Hi, Morgan: I am Summer Lanes Grandmother. I first told her about you when I saw you on Glen Beck. I knew you would have a lot in common. She and you are outstanding young people and see what our country needs. I am asking a huge favor of you. Would you be able to get in touch with Glen Beck about Summer and her books. He keeps talking about the danger of EMP’s and I think hould find her books on the subject from a young person absolutely great. Whatever you can do this grandmother would be forever grateful. Thank you and God bless

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