The Not-So-Distant Future Series

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The Not-So-Distant Future Series

In a near-future dystopia, citizens’ thoughts are recorded by Choice machines, and their actions might not even be their own.  Chicago CSI Lieutenant Kerry O’Malley and her team race to stop a collapsing global shadow government from permanently erasing mankind’s free will.

Either-Or Cover3 Book 1: Either/Or.

In a world of dwindling civil liberties, Kerry O’Malley and her husband, controversial author Connor O’Malley, immigrated to the United States a decade ago to publish Connor’s politically-charged science-fiction book. Kerry has since become Lieutenant of the Chicago Police Department’s Crime Scene Investigation team. She utilizes the Choice system, a computer network that registers the thoughts of willing citizens, to keep the city safe. Most believe that the Choice system has allowed America to retain freedoms absent elsewhere in the world. Connor is a skeptic, and his outspoken views have led to his success. Now wealthy, the O’Malleys live in comfort and freedom with their two children in an idyllic Chicago suburb.

One autumn day, their comfort is shattered. While Kerry delves into an organized crime plot with national security implications, the O’Malleys are violently attacked. The subsequent investigation leads Kerry to an enemy she has long worked to eradicate. A meeting between the crime boss and the CSI Lieutenant leads to more questions than answers. This exciting, action-packed adventure is the first installment of the O’Malley family’s epic efforts to save the very idea of liberty.


Book 2: If/Then

Unexplained disappearances of families shake Chicagoland as evidence left at each scene points to the possibility of extraterrestrial abduction. Lieutenant Kerry O’Malley leads Chicago’s Crime Scene Investigation team in poring over the evidence left in these cases and sticking to the facts amidst alien abduction media hype. When the kidnappings are finally pinned on a wealthy Choice system tech mogul, the team launches a manhunt. Meanwhile, many of the abductees are returned seemingly unharmed. Monitoring the behavior of the abductees while searching for the perpetrator, Kerry’s CSIs find themselves witnesses to an incredibly complex plot that unfolds before they can fully understand it, much less hope to stop it. When Kerry becomes a target herself, she discovers the dangerous capabilities of the Choice system in the wrong hands, and her world view and career are forever impacted.

Before-After Cover for Kindle

Book 3: Before/After

An attack on the John Hancock Observatory rocks Kerry O’Malley’s first day as Special Agent In Charge of the Chicago FBI Field Office. After communications fail, her new team realizes that Corbin Setag, the wealthy Choice tech mogul responsible for multiple kidnappings and experimentation on humans, has returned to complete his agenda. Determined that her family will not be a target this time, Kerry puts the house on lock-down. The FBI and CSI teams discover that Setag may only be a player in a much larger plot. A Russian crime organization, an international gang, and a small coalition of religious terrorists have traded technology and money with Setag, but the investigators struggle to determine why. Additionally, Kerry’s brother Neil, an agent with the EU Navy’s Special Forces, enters a potentially deadly situation. After his disappearance, a mysterious group approaches Kerry with a plan to rescue Neil and take down Corbin Setag and his sentient computer, 289. As Kerry embarks on her first mission for this Group, she realizes the implications of their extensive influence as she discovers their members in nearly every facet of her life.

Here-There Cover for Kindle

Book 4: Here/There

The fourth installment of the Not-So-Distant Future Series features major political upheaval at home and abroad. Battles between various gangs escalate in frequency and intensity, as the international gang Diablo attempts to eliminate competition and corner the market on a new weapon. As Chicago FBI field office leader Kerry O’Malley and her team investigate, they discover direct links between this weapon and Corbin Setag’s failed plan to distribute a mind-control substance to the general population. Michael Kovanov, a rising leader of the Russian crime organization Shishka, is tied to the kidnapping of a US Senator who championed a controversial bill. Meanwhile, the Group is covertly struggling to prevent a world war, and Kerry is recruited onto an elite team that travels abroad to rescue the Senator and circumvent the Shishka’s plans. As the world is embroiled in instability, and as her team narrowly escapes disaster, Kerry learns game-changing information about the nature of the Group.

Above-Beyond Cover for Kindle

Book 5: Above/Beyond

The world is on fire. The crime-syndicate-turned-political-party Shishka leads Eastern Russia in a war on Western Russia. A dangerous alliance between the Shishka and Tajada Brotherhood, led by terrorist Abu Shirah, threatens United States security and the safety of the world. Chicago’s FBI Field Office leader Agent Kerry O’Malley and her brother Neil work tirelessly to take out Eastern Russia’s greatest asset–the notorious supercomputer, 289. Meanwhile, Kerry’s family is trapped on an island invaded by enemies of the secretive and once all-powerful Group. As Kerry participates in missions organized by her brother, she realizes that there are warring factions within the Group. Per Neil’s design, she uncovers their greatest secret, which fundamentally transforms her worldview forever. With her husband Connor’s loyal pledge to her new cause, Kerry forges ahead with the aim to end the evils of the present before they eliminate all possibility of freedom from the future.

Recall-Erase Cover for Kindle

Book 6: Recall/Erase

An investigation surrounding a serial bomber takes an unexpected turn when suspects mysteriously commit suicide after relaying absurdly specific messages to Chicago’s FBI Special Agent Kerry O’Malley and CSI Lieutenant Justin Finch. Kerry fails to heed her brother Neil’s warnings to cease the investigation, and he eventually reveals the truth to her: he has kidnapped a child from the Group mastermind known as the Wizard. The child was critical to the very plan the Council was formed to sabotage, and Neil’s action brings rapid retaliation. The Wizard arranges for Kerry’s capture and infection with a virus that will kill her in less than two days unless the Council returns the child. Her team rushes to save her while the Council sets its eyes on the larger goal of bringing down their rival Organization before the Wizard can use it against them. Thus begins the inevitable conflict that will determine whether mankind’s freedom remains intact or is erased forever.

Reap-Sow Cover for Kindle

Book 7: Reap/Sow

Chicago field office Special Agent in Charge Kerry O’Malley has spent months in hiding. Now she returns, and the war between the Wizard and the Council resumes. The Wizard has perfected his mind control drug and hacks the mind of an FBI agent in order to deliver a chilling message to Kerry. Neil’s adopted daughter Amy, who holds the key to thwarting the Wizard’s endgame, is kidnapped, and Kerry’s family is attacked yet again. A political scandal threatens to destroy the careers and reputations of Kerry and her closest associates. Despite harboring doubts about her brother’s integrity, Kerry follows Neil into the field on a mission. Meanwhile, her team works closely with the President-Elect to save Chicago and Washington, D.C. from the Wizard’s most violent move yet. In the thrilling conclusion of the Not-So-Distant Future series, the future of mankind’s free will hangs in the balance.

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