Foundations For The Future Series

My wife and I think a lot about the things we want to teach our children.  We want to ensure they grow to be strong, capable, emotionally stable adults who are able to excel and thrive in their chosen professions.  We want to provide them with the tools they need to deal with temptation and personal challenges.  We want to create an environment where they are free to explore, learn, and grow.

That is why I decided to publish a new children’s book series based upon the principles that my wonderful wife and I have discussed are most important to teach young children.  Foundations for the Future will be geared toward children ages 3-7.  The logo on the bottom of each book is a mountain range with the superimposed words “Foundations for the Future.”  The mountain range represents the mountains our children will have to climb, and the rock upon which they should build their foundation.

This is the line-up so far; more books may be added in the future.  Click on the picture to go to the Amazon page where you can purchase the book to read with your little ones!

Caleb the Cat Learns about Consequences

Caleb The Cat Learns About Consequences 1

“Consequence” is a big word for Caleb. Caleb learns that “consequences” are what happen after you make a choice. He wants to do many things right now, but he learns that stopping and thinking first will lead to better choices, and good choices lead to good consequences!


Reilly the Rhinoceros Learns about Respect

Showing respect is very important.  It is not nice to yell at Mom.  It is rude to take a toy your friend is playing with.  Reilly is learning that respect is when you choose actions and words that show that you care how other people feel.  It means picking up your toys, listening quietly, and using polite words.


Madeline the Monkey Learns about Money

Madeline wants a toy, but she doesn’t have money to buy it.  In this short tale, Madeline learns how to earn money.  She also learns that it is important to save and be careful about how you spend money.  Madeline learns that money belongs to the person who earned it.


Sidney the Seal Learns about Self-Control

Sometimes, Sidney feels very happy and wants to be loud!  Sometimes, Sidney feels mad and wants to hit.  When Sidney feels disappointed, he sometimes wants to throw a fit.  Sidney learns that there is nothing wrong with the way he feels, but he should choose good ways to show his feelings.