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The Monumentum Series

14-year-old Spero Copia’s world is falling apart. After a harrowing escape from the oppressive Verderians on the continent Destin, the Azurian people have prospered for two hundred years in safety and seclusion in the Sanctum, a massive cave system under the continent Alacrita. The isolation of the Sanctum had offered safety, but it had also hidden the treasures of Petra. Using once-forgotten, ancient knowledge and truths, a secret plan is formed to defeat the Verderians. However, in the midst of violence and riots, Spero’s revered father Altus suddenly goes missing. As the perpetrators of chaotic political insurrection gain more ground in the Sanctum, Spero and his friends find themselves on a dangerous quest to find Altus Copia and save all Azurians hold dear. But if they don’t act quickly, the Azurians’ downfall might come from the enemy within. Dive into the complexity of Azurian spirituality, political subterfuge, treason, and betrayal in the Monumentum Series. Available on Amazon


Amidst the growing national debate about gender identity, it isn’t easy being a conservative or Christian parent raising a child with gender dysphoria. These parents are navigating uncharted waters, often without support and resources geared toward their population. Keeley is the fictional story of a child growing up with gender dysphoria in a Latter-Day Saint family. Told from the father’s perspective, it includes fourteen references to scientific studies and seven quotes from prophets. As this devout father searches for scientific and spiritual answers for his beloved child, he encounters critically important information for the conservative, Christian community to understand about gender-related conditions. Although the protagonists are Latter-Day Saints, the universal principle of an honest, intellectual, and spiritual search for answers will inspire parents of many faiths. Keeley tackles one of the most controversial subjects of our time from an angle that has never before been tried. Readers will be touched by Keeley’s spiritually-minded, compassionate, scientifically accurate perspective on a very difficult topic. Available on Amazon

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Most people’s lives are defined only by their own experiences. Not so for Ian Elliot, who is gifted with a supernatural ability. Ian personally experiences others’ thoughts, memories, and knowledge as if he had lived someone else’s life. Through the eyes of six-year-old Ian, readers step into the world of a brilliant child and follow him as he grows in stature and intellectual prowess. After Ian is personally impacted by the tragedy of 9/11, his career as a military historian develops into a position as an intelligence informant for the US government. Ian must travel to dangerous, foreign lands and use his ability to prevent disastrous global consequences. Throughout his thrilling career, Ian remains faithful to his family and dedicated to a persistent search for spiritual truth. Available on Amazon

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Foundations For the Future Series

Foundations for the Future is a children’s book series that helps young children understand such concepts as consequences, respect, self-control, and money. The mountain range on the logo represents the mountains our children will have to climb, and the rock upon which they should build their foundation.  Available on Amazon

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The Not-So Distant Future Series

Chicago CSI Lieutenant Kerry O’Malley has made a name for herself by tracking down criminals with the help of the Choice System.  In this near-future dystopia, all US citizens must take “Choice tests” where machines record their thoughts.  The O’Malley’s comfortable life is disrupted when her brother introduces her to the Group, a global shadow government which has utilized the Choice System to manipulate governments and corporations.  Now collapsing, the Group is engaged in a project that will save its power structure but permanently erase mankind’s free will.  Kerry teams with her brother to halt the Group’s efforts while their family is caught in the crossfire. Available on Amazon

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