“What happened to Keeley?!  It’s gone!”  Yes, folks, the story is no longer available on my blog.  But it’s because I have very exciting news. (Update at the bottom)

Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback, I decided to publish Keeley as a novella.  I have already received one publication offer, but I haven’t decided yet if it will be self-published or will be published through a professional publication house.  The contents of this book are so important that I need to ensure it is widely accessible to Christians and conservatives everywhere, for a reasonably low cost.  Finances are the main factor driving the who, what, when, where, etc of the book’s publication.

You can expect to see a finished product available on Amazon relatively soon.

UPDATE: Keeley is now available on Amazon.  It may be published professionally, eventually, but for now, it is published through Amazon’s Createspace subsidiary.

Here’s the synopsis:

Amidst the growing national debate about gender identity, it isn’t easy being a conservative or Christian parent raising a child with gender dysphoria.  These parents are navigating uncharted waters, often without support and resources geared toward their population.  Keeley is the fictional story of a child growing up with gender dysphoria in a Latter-Day Saint family.  Told from the father’s perspective, it includes fourteen references to scientific studies and seven quotes from prophets.  As this devout father searches for scientific and spiritual answers for his beloved child, he encounters critically important information for the conservative, Christian community to understand about gender-related conditions.  Although the protagonists are Latter-Day Saints, the universal principle of an honest, intellectual, and spiritual search for answers will inspire parents of many faiths.  Keeley tackles one of the most controversial subjects of our time from an angle that has never before been tried.  Readers will be touched by Keeley’s spiritually-minded, compassionate, scientifically accurate perspective on a very difficult topic.

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