Grievance Capitalism – At Odds with The Gospel

What It Is You might have read the headline and wondered “what in the world is grievance capitalism?” To my knowledge, the term has never been coined, but I think it’s the perfect descriptor of an increasingly dangerous phenomenon in our society. Grievance Capitalism – 1) Using the perception of being offended/affronted/ “aggrieved” as currency […]

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The Root Cause of Riots

In the wake of violent riots in Baltimore, Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts placed the blame on high school students who “thought it was cute to throw cinder blocks at police.”   He ordered parents to “Take control of your kids.”  Yet it’s fairly obvious to anyone paying attention that this is unlikely to happen.  Parents […]

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Democracy, or in Other Words, Mob Rule

Pitchforks and torches are making a comeback lately.  Whenever the least bit of controversy occurs in our society, particularly involving conservatives or Christians, the #outrage culture picks up their phones instead of their pitchforks and tweets some hatred.  Demonstrations might occur in flash-mob form, with droves of protestors appearing (and sometimes being paid to appear) […]

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