Ideas for Healthcare Reform

6 thoughts on “Ideas for Healthcare Reform

  1. The health insurance mandate is a right-wing concept that was proposed in the 1980s by the Heritage Foundation to ensure hospitals with a large underprivileged clientele can remain solvent. Since hospitals cannot and will not turn away anyone with an illness or injury, the only way to make sure they get paid for their services is through a health insurance mandate or through government-run health insurance (like Medicaid). Here is an article describing the history of the mandate


    1. I don’t really care who started it. It is a horrible idea. You’ll notice that I do approve of the idea of mandating catastrophic insurance for everyone, but not along with all the other provisions of the destructive, fiscally irresponsible ACA. I would much rather focus on solutions than blame, despite how tempting it is to throw your opposition under the bus.


      1. You are missing the point. It has nothing to do with blame and everything to do with economics. It is the primary market-based solution to the problem. The only way to ensure hospitals and clinics are reimbursed for care (both urgent and routine ) is to require people have either private or government health insurance. Catastrophic coverage is not going to cover the treatment of something like influenza or salmonella, as it usually has a deductible that far exceeds the costs of care of those serious illnesses.

        As far as constitutional liberties are concerned, the mandate has already been litigated in various courts including the The Supreme Court and found to be constitutional.


      2. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court’s bias allowed for the upholding of an unconstitutional aspect of the ACA, similarly to the way that the 18th Amendment was at one point considered constitutional. But as we found with numerous unjust laws in the past, just because something is legal does not make it right.

        Under my suggestions listed here, people who get the flu or salmonella poisoning would need to use their health savings accounts or charity to cover the cost. Using private insurance or government-provided (ie, taxpayer provided) health insurance only raises the costs of healthcare, whether it is Constitutional or not to mandate that everyone have coverage.


  2. A lot of FABULOUS points!!!

    “Control of healthcare belongs in the hands of the doctor and the patient, not any third party, whether that is an insurance company or the government” <<<<<<<PRECISELY!!!!!

    And I would add rights are something we exercise, something we carry out. We already have the right to healthcare – each of us has(or should have) the freedom to choose how we take care of our health .

    Because things are not affordable doesn't mean someones rights are violated. Unfortunately we have created an entitlement society. And as you have pointed out the interference just drives up those costs. Private markets, free markets provide a much better solution.

    It's quite clear that a violation of the Constitution(despite the rulings of the courts) has taken place when there is a mandate for someone to 'purchase' something. And it's down right robbery when they are forced to pay for something they do not want and/or pay for the benefit of someone else. Maybe extortion is a better word???


  3. The idea that eliminating insurance will make health costs go down is another right-wing fantasy. Study after study, including one published Monday in the journal Cancer, make clear that when people are spending “their” money, they cut corners on preventative care and on minor health problems. What happens is that problems that might have been detected and solved fairly cheaply become very, very expensive. Put another way, the cost of one mastectomy with a hospital stay is greater than the cost of 200 mammograms. This being the case, no money is saved at all. it’s a classic example of “penny wise, pound foolish.” And even if we cynically believe that Tom Price, Paul Ryan, etc. don’t actually care about poor people dying, the logic still doesn’t work. Bacteria, viruses, etc. don’t check if people have an insurance card. It we create a situation where a lot more poor people are sick, then diseases will propagate, and more rich people will be sick, too.


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